Testimonials from 1892 to Today


There are more than 100 cases on this web site. They are from 3 major sources.
  • 1. Rene Caisse who introduced Essiac to the world.
    Rene Caisse gave her files and case studies to Resperin when she sold them the formula. These files were in many cases, patients who were terminla well before the date they were written, buy found our Rene Caisse was fighting to make her treatment legal and sent their stories to her in support of her claims. You can read a lot more about those aspects of the history of thsi formula in the section ARTICLES.

  • 2. Dr Brusch. Physician to President John F. Kennedy before his election
    Dr Brusch was a respected physician, and he was supplied the Essiac herbs by Rene Caisse. They were also friends and when Caisse was reaching the end of his life, Brusch tried very hard to get the formula from her. At the time his son had sent his practice broke. Brusch was present when Caisse sold the formula to Resperin, and witnessed her signature on the contract. I have a photecopy of this agreement and all the signatories.
  • 3. Stories supplied to the author of this site who has been using, manufacturing and supplying since 1992.
    These stories are reproduced here to open debate on the merrits on adding a further option for people who have conditions for which there is no, or little chance of recovery. Obviously if a doctor can't help someone, they need to look for an alternative, or they will die. In this position they need to be able to very quickly decide their best of their options, before they die wondering. Working with a doctor would be the best option, and I have always wanted to continue the research I started. I know what I think is best because it was what I used when a Professor of Oncology told me in 1995 I had cancer. 20 years ago!
    To me it is not about the doctors, it is about the patient who is worried about their own survival. They should be allowed, especially if they have an untreatable condition, or one with less than 75% survival, should have the right to do as they choose to address their future.

    Democracy is when YOU decide YOUR choice, not a "doctor" not the "cancer industry" who decides what treatment YOU can access when YOU are dying. And to make YOUR decision YOU need data like is on this site to help YOU make an impartial decision YOU choose.
    I died on the September 2014 from sudden cardiac arrest and started to live again 45 minutes later. I know what death is, and I thank my son, the ambulance workers and doctors for their work on my recovery. But when YOU are alive, YOU want to make your own choices that may decide if YOU live or die, and how. Your doctor has the right to give you life, not take it in the name of the cancer industry by preventing you from receiving your best chance of survival.