Testimonials from 1892 to Today

Rene Caisse

Rene Caisse's first recorded success with Essiac was referred to as Mrs M who used the tea in 1892 for advanced breast cancer. Nurse Caisse attended her in 1922, and was given the original formula at that time.

Caisse kept records of her patients from 1924 onwards, and those that remain, along with patients discussed in her articles, are available here.

Dr Charles Brusch

In 1959 Rene Caisse provided a senior doctor at Dr Brusch's Clinic with Essiac for research. The case studies from these trials were sent to Rene Caisse and are available here.

1992 - Today

Cantea/Essiac has been used since 1992, and some of the patients have been kind enough to send in their stories and in some cases their medical records and diagnosis. Results of trials I funded in 1995 are also included.

Author's Note

C a u t i o n.

In most countries it is illegal to claim a cure for cancer. The punishment can be prison or fines or both.

The fact that many of these terminal cases have lived 10 to 40 years disease free is anecdotal evidence not medical proof.

A Cancer Cure is normally when a doctor treates a patient who survives (with or without the disease) for 5 years. Subsequent death from cancer does not detract from the fact it is a cure.

We can only hope that in time our work will lead to a cure for cancer, and in the mean time provide as much knowledge and information as possible.

Knowledge and information are very powerful tools, and brought the world out of the dark ages. It allows people to make their own decisions, and control their own destiny.

As most of you will know scientific proof is gained by the statistical analysis of a number of anecdotal cases under medical supervision. the number can vary from many hundreds or even thousands down to 10-20 anecdotal cases normally under clinical observation. Many examples exist of scientists prooving their own beliefs and it is well known that one can achieve the result they wish by juggling scientific figures to prove the researcher's theory.